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I hear that I have one or two readers, who were waiting for a new post! No pressure. My creative side hasn’t been to awake lately, maybe due to the fact I’ve been sitting in front of my computer researching cars. Do you know the difference between all wheel drive, and 4-wheel drive?  I do now. I even know some car names. Back to the craft of today.

I have some events coming up that I will need to keep my business cards handy, and searching in my purse seems to be unprofessional. I got this idea from a few different other blogs, but mostly used my imagination to put it all together.

*I used four pieces of 3 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches of fabric. I used muslin, and a cotton pattern, plus a piece of thick interfacing. I didn’t want it to be to thick so I only used one piece of interfacing in the back pieces.

*Note: I sewed the interfacing in-between the right sides of the back pieces. Do not do. Sew it on one side of the wrong side of the back pieces. Then when you trim corners and turn the fabric, the interfacing will be on the inside!

Like Magic!

* Sew the front fabric wrong sides together, press, trim corners, and turn. I did cut the back and front pieces the same size, but wanted the front a little shorter so I simply sewed a bigger seam on one side. Make sense? No? Okay, moving on.*Sew the two pieces, (front and back,) together. This gives it a finished look close to top-stitching.Wa-la! A nice handy dandy business card holder. Nothing frilly, I thought of adding a ruffle; maybe I’ll make myself two…hmm…


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