Walking Block Quilt 2

After I finished sewing all the squares to this quilt, ( see previous post here ) it was time to arrange them. Strange as it seems, this little quilt actually does have a pattern. And if you look closely you can see where the quilt gets it’s name; how the blue and red seem to chase each other around each square.

After all was arranged how I liked it, and making sure that the red/blue strips were alternating along the top of the row, it was time for white strips to be sewn in between the squares.

I measured the total length of my square, which I believe was just over 6 inches, cut 2 inches wide. Sew the white strips to one side of the squares, as it is lined up in the picture. The last top to bottom row won’t have any sewn on during this step.

After all the rows are sewn one sided to the white, you can line up the other squares and sew square to white, etc. Do this to the rows so the top is sewn together, than the second tow, all to the bottom. My quilt is six squares long, five squares wide. Now you should have six rows side to side, not sewn together top to bottom. Next come the long strips.

Cut seven stripes, mine were 39 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide. As you sew make sure that you look to see if your squares are lining up. Pin the right side of one row to the right side of the row with white and PIN, just as important as ironing…

My white material is really stretchy, which makes sewing things to be even very difficult. After sewing the strips to the top and bottom of the rows, I cut white for the two long sides.

Almost done: I measured each side, cut the red that length (which was 42, and 62) and 4 inches wide. As you can see on the bottom, I ironed it in half length wise as I’ll use half for the binding on the backside. Sew to sides, iron, and you’re done with the top!!!Amazingly, or rather embarrassingly, I have enough material from what I cut to put in the center of squares to be the backing. Don’t worry, I patched the little corner …and I made sure that patch was sewn the right side out! Now I just have to buy the fluffy material that goes inside, sew it all together and quilt it. And I now have room for..two and a half yards of new fabric. YAY!! Shopping trip…



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