Reduce, reuse

On a rare day home, I decided to tackle a stack of my “to-do-something-with” pile. In that pile was a skirt that I had bought, that made me look…oh… about twice my actual size, with no knees. But I love the pattern and the lace on it, so it couldn’t go in the goodwill bag. I decided to make it into an apron-cutting a skirt in half is hard on your emotions.

I love that this apron has a two-sided, lined, and interfaced waistband.

And that I didn’t have to sew it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be there.

I still need to work on my hot glue gun skills, but this was made in five minutes-after my ADD started to kick in.


A zipper. What apron doesn’t need a zipper? Honestly.

None? ¬†Yeah, well……

And yes, I ironed out bias tape. Yes. It makes for a nice bow, it was the only blue material I had, and …it makes a really nice bow.

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