it’s beginning to look like…

It snowed on the first of December. I’m not sure what kind of sign that is, but it did inspire me.

Since I had one little burst of motivation and holiday cheer, which will quickly vanish, you’ll be able to follow LetsGoComfy on their Month of Holiday Inspiration.

The name will probably change. Many times.

So this post was created when I was driving home, was very hungry and only wanted to sit by a fireplace and sip hot cocoa. And, of course, eat something fattening.

But what is a girl to do when her only ingredients are: Trust me, those peaches didn’t look great in real life either.

After having mastered pie crust this year, or rather mastering the not awful-pick-apart-your-pie-pie-crust, mix equal parts butter and flour, and when you look at your cup of water..think, “wow, that’s overrated,” and use vanilla to moisten….

(It’s festive, right?)

Dump cranberries in, sprinkle with chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, chocolate and a touch of chocolate,

Bake, and eat. It was actually really tasty. Maybe it was the combo of excess vanilla and chocolate chips….



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