Elf tree


What to do when you don’t have a large amount of space for a real live Christmas tree?

Why, just ask your mother of course!

My mom found this little North-folk Pine at Kingsoopers; it fits perfectly on my counter, it came pre-wrapped in red, it was cheap so when I kill it (because all living plants have a life-span of 3 weeks in Hannah’s world) I won’t feel awful.

Plus! It comes with it’s own ornaments.



*Note: you could keep this lovely star box packaging as a gift box, or to store these ornaments in for the next year, however you will have to open differently than I did.

*I do not know how that would be, but let me know please.

You can also use pumpkins to decorate around this tree.

Because Hannah doesn’t eat pumpkins.

They taste like mud.

Unless they’re mixed with coffee, sugar, and milk.


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