Joplin Tornado-a year later

It’s hard to believe that it has been 365 days since the town of Joplin suffered the devastating tornado. I know this is making all sorts of head lines because it is a year later, and they have so strongly rallied from last year.

Sometimes I see a photo and am amazed at how things change;  sometimes it’s how a person grows, or the landscape–how you can capture moments in time that won’t ever be the same.  Last year my family was personally affected by the Joplin Tornado. Most natural disasters I’m able to accept as such, but this one was unbelievable for me. I couldn’t understand the amount of devastation.

For example, 8-ish years ago my grandma had triple by-pass surgery in this hospital, I spent a week there with my grandpa waiting for her to recover – walking the halls with her to physical therapy.


Or this street, my sister ran down this street every Thanksgiving, every summer, for countless years. My mom and I would sneak out and go to Shakey’s Ice Cream down this road. 


I spent an entire afternoon last year refreshing Twitter, because that was the only news coming out of Joplin. We didn’t know if my uncle’s family was safe, or if their house was even in the path of the tornado. When we heard that the Wal-mart was hit – I think we all had a major panic attack. Wal-mart is so close to their house that during Thanksgiving the cousins make bets on who will walk to Wal-Mart (cha-ching) the most.

We finally were able to have calls go through. My family was celebrating a birthday, with a dozen members of the family in the house, when they heard a second siren and took cover. The only walls left standing in the house were the rooms they were in. With all the devastation that happened there were so many miracles as well.

Joplin really did rally, they came together as a community and as a place that I make fun of on a regular basis, they came through the last year admirably.


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