A little red and a little white

I’ve loved spray paint for a long time but never really had anything to paint.

I mean other than walls, ceilings, floors and my sisters cats.
But my great aunt told me the red trash can at her house I loved was spray painted.
I was thrilled. I now had a reason to go to Home Depot -because it’s a little odd when you just go stand in the paint aisle for hours without buying anything.


The before. Boring.


Add a little red and this wonderful tool thing that is like a sprinkler hose- so you don’t have to ruin your finger tips with the nozzle thing.


It’s cute. But missing something. It’s just an ” oh a red trash bucket” but……


Wa-la!! My favorite part is the lid. Even though you can tell where the edge of the stencil was and I didn’t take into account the wind blowing my spray paint ……


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