A glittery smile

Some weeks things just don’t go right. Some weeks it just seems every person you encounter is rude. After a particularly rude incident that woke me up late last night (I’m starting to hate texting-anyone with me?) I spent the morning at the Cyberknife Center thinking of things that make me happy. So I thought I’d share because who doesn’t need a smile?

Yes. I realize all these pictures are of clothing.

I mean… Just look at that skirt? Is there any female alive who doesn’t smile at the sight of a sparkly glitter or sequined skirt?

I realize I know about twenty who don’t’ like sparkly things, but let us face it. No matter what type of girl you are, girly girl, tom boy, lady, or a small fuzzy bunny rabbit who can think and speak-if you’re in the grocery store or in the mall and you see someone wearing a sparkly skirt… You smile. For whatever reason. You just can’t go wrong with sequins.


You can actually. Very wrong. But that’s not my point so we’ll ignore that.

So then I started to think about what clothes men wear that make them smile. It isn’t glitter. My brother stops breathing when he sees anything that shines. So something that had to be manly…something the screams “I am man, hear me roar while I kill large animals.” Probably something that smells gross, and normal people don’t get. And by normal I mean weirdos cause who doesn’t love some camo?


Moral of the story: go buy a sparkly skirt, or shirt, or a little tiny shiny stone to stick inside your purse to make sure you always have a smile with you.

Also, do they make sparkly camo? Or do I need to bedazzle this get-up?


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  1. Keep thinking of things that make you smile Hannah, you have a beautiful smile. Amy and I always stop for anything sparkly too!

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