The epic flu

It’s no new news that the flu season this year started early and its a very strong strand of the flu virus.

I personally haven’t gotten the flu in four or five years. While my family doesn’t “believe” in getting the flu vaccine and we could be considered healthy hippy freaks this is the story of how I became ill.

Every flu season I double up on my vitamin D pills and that’s generally enough to stop the flu from overtaking my body. About four months ago my body decided to give back any pills I tried to swallow. Given that my childlike lemon flavored vit D gummies that are reminiscent of candy sour patch kids are only sold at one store that’s not close to me – I ran out of the magic vit. D.

Five minutes of holding a sick almost one year old and the next day I feel odd. But haven’t been sick for a while I think I’m just tired. Fast forward one say.
Waking up I realize sleeping was awful. It was like in my dreams my body knew I was in pain. That day I felt simply awful. I can’t believe it- I have the flu. Then my mom tried to kill me with little fish egg pills….

All that to say- don’t underestimate the power of vitamin D and cajuput oil.

Also, don’t spell cajulut oil incorrectly like that.

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