The epic flu

It’s no new news that the flu season this year started early and its a very strong strand of the flu virus.

I personally haven’t gotten the flu in four or five years. While my family doesn’t “believe” in getting the flu vaccine and we could be considered healthy hippy freaks this is the story of how I became ill.

Every flu season I double up on my vitamin D pills and that’s generally enough to stop the flu from overtaking my body. About four months ago my body decided to give back any pills I tried to swallow. Given that my childlike lemon flavored vit D gummies that are reminiscent of candy sour patch kids are only sold at one store that’s not close to me – I ran out of the magic vit. D.

Five minutes of holding a sick almost one year old and the next day I feel odd. But haven’t been sick for a while I think I’m just tired. Fast forward one say.
Waking up I realize sleeping was awful. It was like in my dreams my body knew I was in pain. That day I felt simply awful. I can’t believe it- I have the flu. Then my mom tried to kill me with little fish egg pills….

All that to say- don’t underestimate the power of vitamin D and cajuput oil.

Also, don’t spell cajulut oil incorrectly like that.

Brownie dip

I found this recipe from surfing Pintrest. I admit, I am the person who pins things based on pictures, so I could only hope that this was a real thing.


I love brownie batter- I admit again- I’m the person who leaves a big scoop in the mixing bowl so I can say, once the pan is in the oven, “oh goodness what is this … Extra batter. Oh no we can’t waste it…”
This dip is amazing. It took me five minutes to make when i got home from work and didn’t want to make water boil.

1 package cream cheese (8 oz)
1/2 cup butter, softened
Generous 1/4 cup flour
Generous 1/4 cocoa powder
3 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2-3 tablespoons milk


Now. This also called for powdered sugar. Which using powdered sugar is against my religion.

It’s not. I just tell myself that because we never have it and when I go to buy it in a store all I can see is a terrible cake decorating fiasco when I was a teenager. So I never buy any. So I never have any. And all the recipes I try have it on them. so I tell my self that you don’t need no sugar!
And you don’t – not when you have brownie dip.


A glittery smile

Some weeks things just don’t go right. Some weeks it just seems every person you encounter is rude. After a particularly rude incident that woke me up late last night (I’m starting to hate texting-anyone with me?) I spent the morning at the Cyberknife Center thinking of things that make me happy. So I thought I’d share because who doesn’t need a smile?

Yes. I realize all these pictures are of clothing.

I mean… Just look at that skirt? Is there any female alive who doesn’t smile at the sight of a sparkly glitter or sequined skirt?

I realize I know about twenty who don’t’ like sparkly things, but let us face it. No matter what type of girl you are, girly girl, tom boy, lady, or a small fuzzy bunny rabbit who can think and speak-if you’re in the grocery store or in the mall and you see someone wearing a sparkly skirt… You smile. For whatever reason. You just can’t go wrong with sequins.


You can actually. Very wrong. But that’s not my point so we’ll ignore that.

So then I started to think about what clothes men wear that make them smile. It isn’t glitter. My brother stops breathing when he sees anything that shines. So something that had to be manly…something the screams “I am man, hear me roar while I kill large animals.” Probably something that smells gross, and normal people don’t get. And by normal I mean weirdos cause who doesn’t love some camo?


Moral of the story: go buy a sparkly skirt, or shirt, or a little tiny shiny stone to stick inside your purse to make sure you always have a smile with you.

Also, do they make sparkly camo? Or do I need to bedazzle this get-up?

Project Quilt

My day off changed from what I thought it’d be but I decided to make the best of it.


Cutting squares – many of them- leads to this:


My cutting board is very worn.
In true Hannah fashion I cut all the squares I needed and them say looking at them. Something was wrong.

After about five minutes I realized that the set of plain cotton squares is supposed to be smaller. Oops.


A little bit of country

A new phone has kept me from blogging. That and the fact that I stare at a blank white screen pretending I have something cool to say- and realize I have nothing cool to say. So here is a picture!

Scratch that. It won’t upload. So my picture is a dirt road with white fluffy clouds. Soon to come- just let me find a smart person smarter than my smart phone.

Miracles happen- I beat my phone at being smart!


Making old new

My sister-in-law found this old picnic table for her kiddos for free only the paint was sticky and it came off on said little children’s bums.


What’s a girl to do?


Buy a few cans of the ever wonderful spray paint….

Yes, it’s brighter and more eye sore in real life.


Than my mother who can cut a circle that looks like a circle made a template with a large piece of paper…. A scrapbooking heart punch and …..


And Tada!


Super cute.


Apple pie cupcakes

After a discovery of butter in my fridge- I had a week without it where I daily wept at the injustice of my life- I had to use up the apples in my pantry. Enter cupcake pan: cause everything is cuter in individual petite size.


I didn’t use a recipe for the crust. Cause I’m cool like that. Just some
but-ar, flour, orange flavoring and an egg.


It’s amazing what you can bake with a little bit of nothing.