Stuffed peppers

These peppers have been sitting in my fridge waiting to be baked. I baked quinoa, browned some chicken, and onions, than added the other veggies in my fridge. I also pre-roasted the peppers for 15 min.; after the veggies were soft from the frying pan I cut up a tomato and added just a touch of tomato paste. Mix it all up and bake again.I skipped the traditional cheese tossed in the mixture because, well, I just don’t like cheese that much not to mention not many in my family can eat it. However, everything is just a touch better with a dollop of sour cream, which I added to my Tasty Treat!

Comfy is…

Babies. My sister-in-law, Rebekah, told me this before I picked up said baby to hold and rock to sleep. Or should I say, wake up and make cry. Babies may be comfy to snuggle and rock and talk all “coo-y” too but cries aren’t that comfy. Anyway, this baby is pretty cute, and seeing your brother and sis talk coo and give kissys is pretty adorable. They will probably be the best parents but that’s just cause they have a bundle of Joy.


After seeing decoration pumpkins on sale at Joann’s, I just had to have some. I resisted buying one of each, and settled for the smaller two on the left, at $1.50 each. I came home to sew my third pumpkin-maybe if I just have to make one it will be cuter than if I had to sew all three.  After reading five or six tutorials I just cut a rectangle, gathered the top and bottom, sewed a little stem wrapped hemp and wa-la!

Who doesn’t love an oreo!

Butter, Sugar, and Cocoa. The words even sound delicious. I found this recipe for homemade Oreo’s and since it was a cloudy day, I attempted to create them. Although the chocolate cookies were very yummy, I didn’t have confectioners sugar for the filling. I just creamed more butter and sugar (yum) as a substitute. Although they were sweet, and tasted very similar to store bought Oreo’s, after eating half of a cookie I remembered… I don’t really like Oreo’s. My family and friends enjoyed eating and dunking these cookies into milk-they didn’t last four days. I was surprised at how easy the recipe is to follow and how easy it was to make something store bought at home, that tasted better and it didn’t have any ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce. Is there a better treat than that?

Old Fall River Road

I’m not sure if you’ve ever gone up Trail Ridge Road in the great Rocky Mountains. The highest paved road in the midwest or something like that. I went up it once as a youngster and always thought it would be a fun summer thing to do. Once the leaves started changing, my best friend and I decided it was the perfect day to take a mountain drive-needless to say it turned into quite the adventure.

We went into Rocky Mountain National Park (with no intention of going near Trail Ridge Road) and began to follow a few cars down a little valley, because it looked like that would be the best drive to see the golden aspens. After half a mile, we passed a few turn-offs, a herd of elk, and came to a fork in the road. Both my best friend and I are indecisive, and very much “go-with-the-flow” type of people – which doesn’t come in handy when decisions need to be made. That combined with one little tiny almost washed out brown sign that said “Fall River Road” led us up to the right fork.

As we passed the gate I turned to look if anyone was behind us, to see a van slowly backing down this little hill we just came up…. The thought crossed our minds that they may know something we did not, but before we could contemplate what that might be, we were turning a sharp corner, and I mean turning a sharp corner. Low and behold we are on a littletinygravelroad with two cliffs for sides. Now it’s to late to back down, there isn’t enough room to turn around. Two miles up we see a sign

“Old Fall River Road. One way, 9-miles.”

another mile and I find us on the map. A few quick checks and did you know Old Fall River Road is the old trail ridge road? Old, unpaved, and very cliff filled. My little PT Cruiser handled that mountain road like a big truck, taking turns tight, it’s little tires spinning as we press uphill (no, really- UPhill) with the gravel spitting out behind us…..

See the rocks? That is actually where the road goes…

It wasn’t all terrifying, there were parts that were very forest-y and beautiful.

I think Old Suicide Fall River Road is a great place to take out of town guests, build team working skills–Trust the Driver anyone?– or spend two hours trapped in a car traveling behind slow Texas pickups, breathing in dust and chilly mountain air. Happy Fall everyone.

Holiday gift ideas!

New Products!

We have a few new products, just in time for everyone to start thinking about stocking stuffers, and holiday parties! More to come, but for now:

Striped drawstring purse. Made from sturdy, pretty cotton; add a little chocolate, or a few shiny pennies for the perfect stocking stuffer. 4×4 inches, $2.50

An elegant yet simple clutch; deep navy wool lined with black and an added touch of ruffles for style. 9 inches long, about 4 1/2 inches tall, $5.00. Never confuse your clutch with your coworkers again!

October is here!

Hello followers of LetsGoComfy!

Due to fall colds the blog has fallen behind. But don’t worry, we’re soon going to be on a roll again. Things that are coming:

More products-purses, clutches, baby gifts- what could be more exciting!

Adventures of the Colorado Mountains

Biographies on the LetsGoComfy team, as well as contests and Christmas Gift ideas. You won’t want to miss a thing, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well!

Comfy shoes

When my sister, Maria, graduated college, she, our mom, and I went on a backpack/car trip around Europe for three weeks. Now, preparation for this trip began a year earlier so you would think that we would be the best travelers in any of the five countries that we visited. We planned food, lodging, transportation, sites to see, clothing…

One would think.

Our first stop, England, was going just great when I started noticing it was painful to walk. My super cute shoes I got on clearance for a whopping $2 that went with every clothing item stuffed into a backpack…were too tight, too rough, too new. Looking back, maybe if I had tried to break them in before we flew half-way across the world, I could have walked a mile or two. But alas, I’m a wimp and a lazy one. So my shoes gave me blisters, and as we were enjoying lunch my sister came up with the idea to go to a street market “just down the square.” I’m pretty sure I burst into tears, and if I didn’t, I did inside.

Needless to say, I took a taxi back to the lodging, gave my family a mission to find me shoes, and ate some chocolate. My lovely sister and mother found me a pair of Crocs. They say they turned a corner, and ‘wa-la’ -a little man selling pretty Crocs. And I have to admit, these ones are cute, not only because they got me through 19 more days of walking, but also because, well, England Crocs are a heck of a lot cuter than American ones.

They’re blinged out right?? Awe-some.

I suppose I should add that when my mom bought her traveling shoes after MUCH research, fittings, and more research, I laughed at the price and the name brand. But. She didn’t burst into tears over an egg sandwich at the thought of walking a block. Lesson learned: The cost (and style, or …lack there of…) is sometimes worth the comfort.

Fluffy baby blanket

Crate and Barrel Kids has some of the cutest baby blankets, however, not the cutest costs. I found a fluffy baby blanket by Heidi, from Her puff quilts are much cuter then the one I’m attempting, but hopefully with a lot of practice (and none-clearance material eventually,) I’ll get there. I mean, fluffy, soft, and mini sized-how far wrong can you go?

More to come.

Our first products

Do you ever worry about what to buy someone who has a great personality-maybe you’d love to get them a Vera Bradley bag but can’t afford one. Have you ever been to a baby shower and been forced to buy another bag of diapers simply because you don’t know what else to purchase? LetsGoComfy has solutions that will leave your gift (or self-indulgence) a favorite.

Purses to fit your personality: different patterns and colors available, handmade by Susan. Only $25.00–great gift idea! email

Get these cute, cuddly felt animals for the babies and toddlers in your life- hand-sewn by Hannah, felt colors and patterns are customizable, buy one at a time for $5, or a set of three for $12.  email