DIY baby shower invitations

It seemed like everyone in my life was married in the same year. Now,  it’s already time for my good friend to have her second baby shower.
Being a good wife and mommy,  she’s only asking for cloth diapers and things that go with those. I wouldn’t know what goes with those  because I choose to believe babies don’t need those sort of things.

They only smile and coo.

But we were able to figure out how to create the cutest invitations for a grand total of ten dollars for apx 50 -including envelopes.


We first created a template. I basically looked at a picture, drew one side, and folded the paper in half so both sides are even.


Then we folded….


Add a ribbon and wa-la!

A little red and a little white

I’ve loved spray paint for a long time but never really had anything to paint.

I mean other than walls, ceilings, floors and my sisters cats.
But my great aunt told me the red trash can at her house I loved was spray painted.
I was thrilled. I now had a reason to go to Home Depot -because it’s a little odd when you just go stand in the paint aisle for hours without buying anything.


The before. Boring.


Add a little red and this wonderful tool thing that is like a sprinkler hose- so you don’t have to ruin your finger tips with the nozzle thing.


It’s cute. But missing something. It’s just an ” oh a red trash bucket” but……


Wa-la!! My favorite part is the lid. Even though you can tell where the edge of the stencil was and I didn’t take into account the wind blowing my spray paint ……


Joplin Tornado-a year later

It’s hard to believe that it has been 365 days since the town of Joplin suffered the devastating tornado. I know this is making all sorts of head lines because it is a year later, and they have so strongly rallied from last year.

Sometimes I see a photo and am amazed at how things change;  sometimes it’s how a person grows, or the landscape–how you can capture moments in time that won’t ever be the same.  Last year my family was personally affected by the Joplin Tornado. Most natural disasters I’m able to accept as such, but this one was unbelievable for me. I couldn’t understand the amount of devastation.

For example, 8-ish years ago my grandma had triple by-pass surgery in this hospital, I spent a week there with my grandpa waiting for her to recover – walking the halls with her to physical therapy.


Or this street, my sister ran down this street every Thanksgiving, every summer, for countless years. My mom and I would sneak out and go to Shakey’s Ice Cream down this road. 


I spent an entire afternoon last year refreshing Twitter, because that was the only news coming out of Joplin. We didn’t know if my uncle’s family was safe, or if their house was even in the path of the tornado. When we heard that the Wal-mart was hit – I think we all had a major panic attack. Wal-mart is so close to their house that during Thanksgiving the cousins make bets on who will walk to Wal-Mart (cha-ching) the most.

We finally were able to have calls go through. My family was celebrating a birthday, with a dozen members of the family in the house, when they heard a second siren and took cover. The only walls left standing in the house were the rooms they were in. With all the devastation that happened there were so many miracles as well.

Joplin really did rally, they came together as a community and as a place that I make fun of on a regular basis, they came through the last year admirably.

The Bagels Cupcake

Let’s be honest. Cupcakes are back. And so is my search for the best inColorado. I continued my search at the Bagel Shoppe. And I will keep looking.
I love this store because they have purses and aprons and it smells delicious but the cupcakes let me down.




The best part was the icing of this triple chocolate and the snickerdoodle. But after a few bites it’s just to sweet

Thrift china

Let’s be honest here. Thrift stores creep me out. I don’t like the smell and the whole concept that you’re buying something someone else has already used is enough to make me wash in Clorox. However, given the fact that the cost of living is on the rise, so they say,  shopping at thrift stores has always been a hobby.

When I was 16 I bought 80% of my wardrobe there for a dollar. And then washed it all in Clorox.
My mom and I stop in thrift stores to see what we can find and every once in a while we find something like a treasure. For example:


Who could argue with a full ( more or less ) set of English china?


Bought piece by piece we would have spent around three hundred but find a manager who does math like me, and you score a set of china, four serving platters, gravy boat and more for 50 bucks. That’s like seven lattes.

Rough guesstimate to make example seen more awesome


Always look underneath ugly pieces, that’s where they hide the pretty stuff.


And don’t forget to buy a new bottle of Clorox on your way home.

A Buggy Tale

I happen to think that a great majority of things that happen in my daily life are funny. The problem is, when you’re shopping for toilet paper, or driving, or talking on the phone and all the sudden you start laughing-most of the time people will think you’re just a touch odd. So in case any of my three readers ( HI! ) need a laugh this recently happened to me:


I don’t handle bugs. Things that crawl, are small, and creepy looking are not things that I believe should be alive. Anything smaller than a bunny is, in my book, something that men should rush to your side and smush or make disappear. (Butterflies are okay-FIY) Spiders I can kill when I’m alone and I know I will not rest knowing they’re still crawling around. Wasps I squeal from and have a small panic attack when they fly at me.

A while ago my sister gave me a house warming plant. Other than the fact that I kill bamboo and catcus’ by looking at them, this plant seemed determined to annoy me. One day there were fruit flies in my kitchen; but the next there were seventeen hundred all over all apartment. The plant looked like it was alive there were so many crawling on it. I don’t have to put it in caps for you to know how loud I screamed “gross.”

I tried many things to try to kill said bugs. Freeze the plant, drown the plant, dry the plant out; all things that worked temporally but the plant never died and the bugs always came back. Fast-forward some holiday weekend, and I came back and there were bugs e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. My panic attack was not small.

After I bagged the plant and set it outside, I killed all bugs, cleanedFast-forward the entire building, stood in the middle of the room and itched my arm. Which I’ve found I do when my mind plays tricks on me-is that freckle a bug? Is that fingernail a spider? Is your hair infested? (Look, I’m the person who stays at a hotel, checks the bed three times for bugs, and then gets a rash once home convinced bedbugs are all over me. )


Fast-forward a month or two. I came back to my place after a busy weekend and wanted nothing more to do than sleep. Until I found three ants in front of my fridge. My next few moments went like this:

“Three ants. No big deal. Clorox wipe. All done. ”

Turns around.


Kills a few more ants.


Okay, bed time. Walk in the middle of my living room.



Ant. Kill.

This went on until I killed 27 ants, and yes I counted.

After I cleaned and Clorox my entire place I went to bed and thought nothing of it.

Until I told my mother. Who told me “that sounds like termites.”

Thank you.

The next day I saw one “thing” and killed it. And made the mistake of looking at it to see if it looked like the picture that my dear mother made me look at the day before.


I have no clue what possessed me to look at that ‘thing’ in my Clorox wipe-but I pray everyday to forget its creepy beady bent head with it’s creepy beady bulgy eyeball staring at me. I have no clue what they are, but every-time I close my eyes at night I see that facething and start itching my arm.

Polka dot morning

There are just mornings when you wake up, see your pile of fabric ad think to yourself, ‘this has got to go.’ which in my case means sitting on the floor with organized piles of polka dots, zebra print, and floral that all match but don’t really go together.

Cut out a few squares and this is what we get:


Plus a backing and we have something cute! Ideas on what to use it as?