I love all things Paris. And all things that look anything close to something Parisian. Anything with the Eiffel tower on it I have to buy. So when I found a pillow for two dollars that had the words “Paris” and the Eiffel tower on it I didn’t have to think about buying it. Add some extra fabric and some old pillow forms and ….


I’m still learning to take good pictures with this intelligent phone but you get the idea.


And who doesn’t love ruffles?


New purse!

The amazingly talented Susan has done it again. A beautiful spring purse to celebrate the season!

The fully lined cotton purse has a 36″  strap.

The two pockets have elasticized tops and are 5″ deep and 4.5″  wide, perfect for your cell and lipstick. Body at widest point  is 13”.


The purse can be yours or for a friend for only $45. Visit our Esty store or contact hannah@letsgocomfy.com

Yummy gluten free!

I wasn’t really into baking the other day but my sister- in-law has been on bed rest since the birth of a new baby. That always calls for food. This recipe for gluten free biscuits is the easiest and super tasty recipe I’ve ever baked.

1 cup Pamela’s flour mix
1/4 cup of butter
1/3 cup milk plus a tablespoon

Drop on a baking sheet and bake at 375 until the tops are golden brown.

March Spring-ness

I just sat staring out a window for twenty-seven minutes.

When I sat down in front of my computer, it started to get cloudy.

Then it started snowing, light fluffy snow, and I couldn’t see thirty feet.

Then I blinked and the sun was shining.

Welcome to Colorado.

This morning when I was doing my hair, and then gave up “fixing” it because I decided to put on a hat, I realized I had two burn-your-hair-to-shreds-devices, and only one heat protector…thing.

The one I own is (of course) a Vera Bradley that I found (duh) on sale. So I decided that, hey, I own material, a lot of it, and I own a sewing machine. And pink thread.

My favorite part- the part where you can tell I am fully Hannah: It all matches.




It’s Heart Month!

It doesn’t seem like it should already be Valentine’s Day. All the craft blogs are full of heart shaped projects; all the stores are full of pink candy; all the shows on TV are about flower bouquets and chocolates.

It seems like yesterday we were wrapping Christmas presents.

And yes, I realize I gage time by wrapping paper.


Needless to say, time is flying by already this year. Both my mom, the amazing Susan, and I have plans to stock up the LetsGoComfy store this coming month. I also have a few changes we’ll be making to the blog, updating things-making it so when you come to the home-page of LGC glitter bursts out of the screen into your house like a glitter fairy just flew by.


Not really, but we have been fabric shopping, and have many new exciting projects to share. My own life has been so busy that I find when I have a few hours to sit, I literally sit and fall asleep. Plus my web designer is having another baby this month (which they’re kindly going to name after me-hint hint Bekah).

Keep your eyes open for our new items, and I’ll try to blog more. Until then- go forth and buy a Starbucks. They have fun Valentine’s Day cups.

Which is close to wrapping paper.

Now it’s just getting cold…

So, the Christmas Inspiration didn’t last long.I, 1) ran out of things to glitter, 2) all of the cute little quick and easy gift ideas I had stock piled didn’t really seem heartfelt. The thing that bothers me most about Christmas is that people just buy things because it’s Christmas and you have to have a certain number of gifts under the tree.

Trust me. I know, I was the child that counted everyone else’s gifts to make sure I had the appropriate amount.

So now: we take a break from decorations, gifts, and delicious creamy holiday coffee to enjoy the real reason of Christmas:


The lights.

Mini stockings

I think anything that comes in miniature is cute.

And must be had. So I searched out a template for little felt stockings, and while they are not photogenic, they do add a nice little flair to the holiday decor. I’m now off to find some cute miniature shoes to put in them…



Deck the halls!

My obsession with glitter continues.
So when ornaments were on sale, and they are plain,

well you have to dress them up.


I really wanted to hang them from the ceiling, have a whole little curtain of pretty ornaments, but well…..

while it looks awesome,

even shatterproof ornaments are shatter-able.